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Courtesy of Edinburgh's Sherwood Guest House

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In order to keep download time to a minimum I have reduced the picturesto a fairly small size and so the end results are unfortunately not as pleasing on the eye as the originals but they do give a flavour of what you can expect to see on your visit to Edinburgh.

One of the most imposing sights anywhere in the world is the splendourof Edinburgh Castle as seen from Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle 17k

This photograph was taken again on Princes Street giving a view of theArt Gallery with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Art Gallery 22k

No visit to Edinburgh would be complete without going to Grey Friars church yard. Situatued in the very heart of Edinburgh it is somehowfree from the towns hustle. Grey Friars 8k

North Bridge 9k Holyrood 11k These two pictures display the contrasts to be found in Edinburgh.

John Knox House 12k St. Giles 7.5k The history and stories of Edinburgh are rich and varied. These two pictures show the place where some of the history was created and the dwelling place of one of the history makers.

The Edinburgh Skyline can be very impressive and has been photographed by many a photographer. Here are two small views of the skyline. SKY1 2k SKY2 4k

This last view is taken from the Calton Hill. Calton Hill View 32k


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